Jibril Hardware

Who we are

Jibril Hardware

Was established based on the knowledge and years of experience in building material either in industrial, construction or trading sectors; locally and regionally.

Jibril Hardware based in the Mtwapa and one of the leading suppliers of building materials in the Coast region with a successful track record. Whether you are into construction, industrial or trading you will find Jibril Hardware to be a one-stop shop for all your needs.

When it comes to building materials, you need a partner you can trust. A partner you can rely on to deliver consistently high-quality products, consistently, on time. Professionals with years of experience, we strive to be one of the most dedicated and committed supplier in the industry by upholding the values of business ethics.

Jibril Hardware provides not only the highest quality of building materials but extending support to our business partners in terms of reducing their cost, maximizing his profit and saving his efforts and time.

We take care of all your building material requirements by providing you and outsourcing (if needed) a full and complete range of products including importing and exporting.
Our commitment and dedication to your project is also rooted in our core values of solid business ethics and stringent quality control measures.

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